HSC Result 2020 Bangladesh

The HSC Result 2020 will be published online and Mobile SMS. It will be published with Full Marksheet. This year, the Higher Secondary Certificate Result will be published as Auto Pass Result. This is the First time, the Result published as Auto pass.

The HSC Exam Result will be published in Last week December 2020. It will be Published simulationously for all education Boards.

The HSC Equivalent Examination result will be published on the Same Process. Alim, HSC Vocational and others result process and procedure are same.

HSC Result Published Date

The Education Minister already declared that, the HSC and Equivalent Examination Result 2020 will be published on December. After that, the Ministry of Education announced that, the Result will be published on Last week of December 2020.

The Chairman of Dhaka Education Board said that they are working to publish the result in 25 December 2020. So, the HSC and Equivalent Exam Result Published most possible date is 25 December 2020. But it’s not finalized yet. After Prepared the Result, the proposal will be send to Prime Minister Office. The Result will be published on prime minister given date and schedule.

How to Prepare the HSC and Equivalent Exam Result 2020?

This year, this is the First time, the Higher Secondary Certificate Results will be published as auto pass. That means, the Pass rate will be 100 percent. The Situation has been created for current corona situation in Bangladesh. The Test was started from 1st April. But due to corona pandemic, the HSC and Equivalent Examination has been Suspended for this year. As a result it will be published as auto pass. No students will be failing this year.

However, the HSC and Equivalent Examination Result will be published based on JSC and SSC Level Result. It will be published by average of JSC and SSC and Equivalent examination Result.

The HSC Candidates of 2020, ware participated in two public examinations like JSC and SSC. So the result will be published based on this two public examination.

The HSC Auto Pass Result Preparation is not a easy task. There are some difficulties to prepare the result based on JSC Result 2016 and SSC Result 2018. Some students changed their group in HSC Level. Some of the Candidates are from Technical Education Board to General Education Board. Some of are private candidates and some are from English Medium. There are some candidates from Bangladesh Open University. So Grade Sheet preparation is a difficult task.

To solve this issue, there are an expertise panel has been formed. The panel started to map the Subject in JSC and SSC Level.

HSC Auto Pass Result 2020

The HSC Auto Pass Result and its equivalent will be published on the same process for all education boards in Bangladesh. The Alim Auto Pass Result and HSC Vocational Auto pass result will be published on the same process. The Inter-Education Board Result making and Publishing process will be same and similar.

It will be Publish with the average of JSC/ Equivalent and SSC/ Equivalent Result. It may be published on the 40% and 60% ratio. The JSC Result will be mark as 40% and the SSC Result will be count 60%. However, it’s not the actual formula. There are several issues like inter board problem and group changing issue. The Expertise panel will be announced the formula before the Result publication.

How to Know the HSC Result 2020

Like others year, the Higher Secondary Certificate and Equivalent Exam Result 2020 will be Published online and Mobile SMS. But, there are bit changed will be make on SMS system. Like SSC Result, the Pre-registration system will be implemented this year for corona situation.

This year, the Educational Institute will remain closed. So this is also a issue. The Result will not be sent to the Colleges and Madrasah. No results will be Available on Educational Institute and Exam Centers.

After Published the Result, It can be check through online in Details. It can be known in an easiest way, by sending SMS after Published the Result.

Students can be known their HSC and Equivalent Result by Pre-registration System. Pre-registration Process and timeline will be announced before the Result Publish date.

Candidates can be collecting their result by Pre-registered from any Mobile Phone before the result Published. If someone Pre-registered, they will be received the Result fast. The Result will be send within 30 min of the result publication, who will be pre-registered. It will be send to Students Mobile number which they use for pre-registration.